About me

Part time freelance web developer and designer.

I'm a second-year IT student at University of Jyväskylä. I have also a vocational qualification in business information technology.

I have volunteered as webmaster, web-developer and web-designer for many nonprofit organizations and worked for small companies as web designer/developer.

In spring 2013 I published my first game Gyro Challenge for Android. It was developed with Unity3D using C#.

Besides the web related stuff, I do some programming with my personal projects. Those include all sorts of small scripts that make my life easier as well as larger projects.

Examples of my projects: IRC, Discord and Twitter bots. Hosting VOIP, WWW and game servers. Smart bots for video games. Successful penetration testing for small and medium-sized websites.

I'm also a passionate photographer. I visit regularly different events and document all kinds of people and moments. Most of my photos are from cosplay conventions where people dress as characters from anime, cartoons, comic books or video games. My online gallery is available at Flickr.

In my freetime I enjoy playing video games, walking around in cities and every now and then swimming at pool.

Tatu Toikkanen
Tatu Toikkanen